Lawn & Turf Landscape Products

Item Number Item Description Product Information Photo
APT184LD5 18-0-5 w/ LOCKUP & DICAMBA 150SGN Andersons Fertilizer & Systemic Granular Weed Control.
APT225WF4.1 22-0-4 25% NS-52 .675% TRIMEC Covers 10,000sq.ft.
ACCLAIM ACCLAIM EXTRA 1 PINT For Postemergence Annual & Perennial Grass Control
8695L K-O-G WEED CONTROL W/ DICAMBA Granular Weed Control for Clover & Ground Ivy.
QUICKPRO QUICK PRO 5x1.5oz Granular Roundup. Mix One Packet Per Gallon of Water
QUICKPRO6.8LB QUICK PRO 6.8LB JUG Granular Roundup. Mix 1.5oz Per Gallon of Water.
4922 RANGER PRO 2.5 GAL Glyphosate 41% made by Monsanto
10918898 ROUNDUP PROMAX 1.67 GAL More Concentrated Formula & Rainfast in 30 Minutes!
SEDGEHM1.3 SEDGEHAMMER 1.3oz Knocks Out Both Purple and Yellow Nutsedge
50321L SPEEDZONE 1 GAL Contains 4 Active Ingredients to Kill Weeds
APTDG5TF4.3 TRAMMEL DG PRO (Treflan) Compare to Lebanon Treflan
2727L TRIMEC CLASSIC 1 GAL Outstanding Broadleaf Weed Control  1 1/2 per gal
59823L TRIMEC GRANULAR 20 LBS Broadleaf Weed Killer
2829L TRIMEC SUPER 1 GAL Only .75 Ounces Per Gallon Per 1,000sq.ft.
TURFLON TURFLON ESTER 2.5 GAL Rutgers University & Cornell recommended Wild Violet Ctrl.